The great weight debate

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OK - so which is better? As heavy as possible or as light as possible? I reckon it's got to be lighter = faster. Lower weight means less tyre deformation, less load on the bearings and so less rolling friction.
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Light v's Heavy

Interesting comments ... here in Nelson NZ at our Derby we have a limit of 40kg for the trolley as they have to be lifted onto trucks to go up the hill but we are looking at towing them up 9 at a time behind quad bikes ... We will still stick with the limit as heavy trolleys can be more of a missile if they get through the bales into the crowd ... But heavier up to a point does help ... until it starts to effect your bearings and tire loading... I run a 3 wheeler with 400 mm racing slick front wheels and 700 mm Carbon fibre disk racing track wheel on the back pumped to 200 psi The harder you can pump the better ... but they sometimes blow in the hot sun ! Also remove all grease from bearings and make cone bearings set up very light and you can get a wheel to free wheel for 3 or 4 mins Heavier makes it harder to corner and stop ...or slow down for corners Streamlining is most important ... we have a length limit of 3m's so we can get very much a fish shape ... bulbous nose to a fin tail ... so you have no turbulence behind .. anything over 40 kph it makes a hugh difference .... take a look a few of the pics at Yours Tim
Tim Bayley (not verified) | January 22, 2013 - 05:49

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