SCA Championship Tightens Up

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Team Rooket at CatterlineThe SCA Championship race tightened up last weekend when Crockle was unable to capitalize on his early lead, allowing Alford to draw level on points.With just one round to go at Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme next month, there is still everything to play for with Crockle on Alford tied for first place and Team Rooket just one point behind.

The second round, held at the picturesque village of Catterline on the north east coast of Scotland, is a challenging event where handling, skill and bravery are an import factor. The course is short and steep and features two very sharp bends as well as a difficult gravel section. All the SCA teams opted to be careful on the first run, but although his time was well off the pace PeterĀ  Pope (Crockle) still managed to crash heavily after the finish line. Although he was uninjured, his cartie was badly dammaged and was forced to withdraw for the remainder of the day, drowning his sorrows with a pint from the Creel Inn. Team Rooket also had a minor crash after the finish line which resulted in some bent wheel mounts, but managed to hammer them straight(ish) in time for the second run and went on to pick up maximum points for the day for their aggregate time.

Team Weasel at CatterlineIn the sidecar class, Team Weasel managed the fastest time of the day and were well placed to get the best aggregate until a disasterous crash on their final run allowed The Cheats to sneak past them and claim the 7 points, leaving them the strong favourites to lift the championship after the final round at Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme next month.

Full results from the Catterline Cartie Challenge are here. Current SCA Championship Standing are here.


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