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What tyres do you use and why? I've been using Primo Comets for a while - pretty good in a straight line in the dry, but a bit sketchy on twistier courses - especially in the wet.

Also - I've just got some new wheels with 305mm rims (i.e. for 16" decimal tyres), and am having trouble sourcing tyres for them. Primo make a 305x47 comet, but nobody imports it into the UK Cry. Anyone got any suggestions for a good 305mm tyre?

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"Good 16 inch tyre"? Not

"Good 16 inch tyre"? Not much choice! What rim width? 54-305 (16x 1.95) Schwalbe City Jet 5 bar(75 psi) Seems Ok for a wider rim. 40-305 (16x 1.5) Kenda K west (slick) 7 bar (100 psi) As fitted on our Trike (front). I like the tyre but it's very lightweight. They also do a (16x 1.2)!! 47-305 (16x 1.75) Schwalbe Marathon 5 bar (75psi) for most rims???? The 1.5 kenda works well but would it stand a 100kg cart locking wheels at Cairngorm (I don't think it would but I might still try!) Be careful with 16" tubes (some are miles too big) ie for the 1.5 Kenda the correct Schwalbe tube is a 14"tube!
Rich: Team Art (not verified) | September 9, 2010 - 16:07
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16" tyre choice

Ta Rich - that's pretty much the list I'd come up with too. Didn't realise it was a Kenda on the front of your trike - I'll have to have a closer look at the pictures. I think that's probably what I'll go for as I want to see if making the wheels as light as possible helps with speed off the line. I don't think I'd run them at 100psi though - at least not at Cairngorm - as I'm quite keen on getting through the switch.
scottishcarties | September 10, 2010 - 08:38

Light Wheels

(Faster of the line---I think so!) Well "Physics" (whoever he/she is) says...The lighter the rotational mass the less effort/force required to accelerate it. ...........but he/she also says...The lighter the rotational mass the less effort/force required to slow it down! ........... Does that mean brakes lock too easily?????(on a heavy cart).... Does that mean "uphill" at Cairngorm there's not enough momentum/flywheel effect????Or does it mean the total weight/momentum of the cart still uses less effort to rotate/accelerate the lighter wheel????????-(The subject of Wheels has damaged my brain),I have also acquired a lightweight set of 16" rims and in another lifetime (if there is one) intend to build a cart (4 wheels) with them!!! Also intend to use KWest 1.5's!! - (If you/or I use the 1.5 on a 100kg cart I think you/I will need very high pressure to keep the tyre round). Any advantage (if there is one) gained will be more than lost with a square tyre!!!!- Cheers Rich
Rich (not verified) | September 10, 2010 - 10:35
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Kenda 305s

Just been looking on the Kenda UK web site. Apparently they make a 305x1.25 too, which is 5 whole grams lighter than the 305x1.5!



scottishcarties | September 10, 2010 - 11:27

1.25 Kenda weight

Use the 1.5 and leave off the dust caps!--- I have a 1.25 (in stock) but lacked the courage to try it!--Looks awful thin (for a single front wheel)!------- If you want to borrow it for a test fit give me a shout. Cheers Rich
Rich (not verified) | September 10, 2010 - 12:25

305 is not a good wheel size

305 is not a good wheel size when it comes to tyre choice. Schwalbe make the Big apple and Marathon in that size. Don't bother with the maxxis hookworm, they feel like riding though treacle. I've only used the hookworm and the primo comet 35-305 and the comet was massivly faster but as mentioned above you have to buy them in the USA and the shipping was rather expensive (worked out at about £25/tyre). Kendas are OK, I've used the 406 kenda but I found the Scorcher faster when I swapped to them. If you want small wheels you would be better off getting the slightly larger 349 wheel size for which you can get tyres like the Scorcher and the kojak.
lee (not verified) | September 10, 2010 - 22:06
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Maybe not a good size for

Maybe not a good size for tyre choice, but a great size when you've found dozens of 'em on ebay for £6.50 each Cool
scottishcarties | September 12, 2010 - 10:36

£6.50!!!!!! (postage, right!)

dozens of 'em !------------- £6.50 each !------------ I'm not proud, I'll ask--------WHERE?---- Cheers Rich
Rich (not verified) | September 13, 2010 - 20:31
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305 wheels on ebay

Here. They've been relisted and have gone up slightly since I got my lot, but are still pretty reasonable. The ones I got seem strong enough too - I can stand on them and there is no noticeable flex. They don't have spindles, cones or balls, but that's OK as I'd have thrown them away anyway. I've drilled out the cups to take 14mm spindles. I got 6, so I'll have two "hot swaps" in case of punctures, etc. Now all I need it the cartie to fit them to.

PS - Rich: If you register with the site, I won't have to keep manually approving your posts before they appear.

scottishcarties | September 14, 2010 - 07:10

305 Wheels

Done as told! Have registered Sir!---- Thanks for that Stephen.-- I had seen these wheels but could not quite convince myself they were any good! At that price,now you "have stood on one", I may have to get a couple.--- On the front of the Trike is this (£11.99 + pp). It's a rear wheel so has the advantage a disc adapter (if available, could be fitted)----------------- It's a 25mm I/D rim so should be safe with a 1.5,1.75 or perhaps even a 1.95 city jet? One idea I had was to fit a 6801rs bearing, 12mm I/D, in a simple machined collar. I would then use a 12.9 H/T bolt as an axle. I'm more than happy to use a 12mm/12.9 bolt as an axle.------- Like your wheel "it seems strong enough"????????---- Thanks again for the link.---- Cheers Rich
Rich (not verified) | September 14, 2010 - 13:35
scottishcarties's picture

... and you've been

... and you've been approved, so you can log in an post directly.

The wheels I got are all rear wheels too, so have the threads for a disk adapter (if I could just find a supplier in the UK... :-(  )

The internal width is ~25mm.

A 12.9mm bolt ought to be good enough for a stub axle - 12.9mm can't be far off the effective diameter of a 14mm spindle if you ignore the threads.

scottishcarties | September 14, 2010 - 14:06

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