Scottish Cartie Association Championship

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Reckon you're quick? Taking part in more than one event in Scotland this year? Why not register for the SCA Championship and find out how good you really are! 

The SCA Championship is a competition run across the main soap box events in Scotland with the aim of encouraging participation in the various events and to create friendly rivalry between teams.

Teams can register for free and are awarded points for their final position in the participating events, and the team with the greatest number of points after the last event will be crowned as the SCA Champion. There are separate classes for Soapbox Cartie and Gravity Sidecar.

Plus 5 points for turning up!
Please note that each race is independantly organised as a separate event, and in many cases by organistions that are not directly connected with the SCA. Teams registering for the SCA Championship must also enter each event that they wish to take part in. Registration for the SCA Championship does not include automatic entry into competing events, nor does it confer any special privileges. Since each event is an independant entity, the rules for each competition vary slightly. Please check with each event organiser to ensure your cartie or sidecar is eligible to compete.

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